Dedicate a Brick

Please order a brick to honor our Veterans and assist with the construction of Oconomowoc Veterans Memorial Park. Your brick dedication is tax deductible.

View/print "Dedicate a Brick" form: Brick order form

If you would like to help us in honoring our Veterans, please do the following:

  • Fill out the inscription you would like your Brick to read in the boxes below.  Inscriptions are subject to approval of the Oconomowoc Area Veterans Group. Bricks can be purchased by veterans or by others to honor veterans.
  • Centering of your inscription will be done automatically by the engraver.  No punctuation.
  • Brick prices are:
    • $125 for a 4x8 brick offering 3 text lines with 13 per line,
    • $150 for an 8x8 brick offering 6 text lines with 13 characters per line.
    • $175 for a 6”x 12” offering 5 text lines with 20 characters per line.
    • $250 for a 12" by 12" offering 10 text lines with 20 characters per line.
    • A space is a character.
  • There is no limit to the amount of Bricks that can be ordered.
  • Please fill out a separate form for each Brick ordered.

Please attach your tax deductible check "payable to "Oconomowoc Veterans Group, Inc. " and send it to: Veterans Memorial Park of Oconomowoc, PO Box 1057, Oconomowoc. WI 53066. Your cancelled check is your receipt.