About Veterans Memorial Park

Oconomowoc Veterans Park is located in downtown Oconomowoc, Wisconsin on Lac LaBelle. The site had been for years home to a boat causeway and lock for visitors traveling from Lac LaBelle to Fowler Lake and then on to Oconomowoc Lake.  Also the site was a neighbor to the old Oconomowoc Library and for a time was known as Library Park.  The site was renamed Oconomowoc Memorial Park in 1983.  Then in the fall of 2011 couple of citizens strongly agreed and professed that it was time to steadfastly honor our veterans in a very special way paying them the respect and honor for their bravery, valor and service to our great nation.

In early 2012 a large fundraising event was conducted to raise the initial funds of an eventual three quarters of a million dollar investment budget.  This included the costs of labor, materials installed, donated materials, professional services such as legal, design, financial, engineering and general supervision.  With these provisions all in place the city was approached later in 2012 requesting that they "donate" the site to the Oconomowoc Area Veterans Group, Inc.  The provisions of the agreement were concise and to the point.  The veterans group would provide for all services and costs connected there to and would raise all the money and services necessary for the parks completion.  No money would be solicited from the City of Oconomowoc, The Veterans Groups or the Veterans being honored.  When complete, the entire project would then be turned over to the city.  Going forward, the city would maintain the park and the Oconomowoc Veterans Group, Inc. would always make the capital improvements as necessary.  This agreement was in fact fulfilled and the park was dedicated on October 18, 2015.  Also to be remembered was we promised that the park would not only be a tribute to the veterans but also a thank you to all those who generously donated the funds for its successful completion.  Lastly, the group promised that the park would be a destination point.  Proudly we can state unequivocally - it is!  In summation: we of the Oconomowoc Area Veterans Group, Inc. are proud to state we did deliver all we promised, are still working hard and will continue to do so in the future.

The Oconomowoc Area Veterans Group, Inc. was formed and approved as a 501(c)(3) charity.
Fundraising and public awareness continues along with sale of memorial paver bricks that are placed along the Honor Walk.  Research also continues to locate all the Oconomowoc Area Veterans going back before the Civil War for inscription on the Honor Wall.  Information regarding brick sales and Honor Wall name inscriptions follows further on in this document.